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Foreign parts transferred from the first half of imports

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Affected by complex economic environment at home and abroad in the first half of this year China's automobile industry of major economic indicators of growth slowed. Auto parts manufacturing revenues, earnings level is much better than the overall performance of the automotive industry, but auto parts import and export trade as a whole than last year, especially imports.
According to statistics of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers show that in the first half of this year, the country imported a total amount of automobile products 38.828 billion US dollars, down 19.13 percent. The total auto parts imports ended the growth momentum last year, total imports of $ 15.973 billion, down 9.89%.
The total decline in imports of auto parts, a detailed analysis from multiple perspectives. Deputy Secretary General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Yesheng Ji said that China's imports of auto parts from the past amount has maintained double-digit growth in the first half of this year to suddenly down, can be found, the domestic auto parts industry imported parts alternative products is increasing, the quality of getting better; but on the other hand, some of the key parts still can not get rid of dependence on imports. In fact, the contribution of domestic joint ventures occupy many parts imports ratio.
Most parts imports fell
From the sub-species, the first half of this year most of the auto parts imports of a downward trend, importing countries are still Germany, the United States, mainly in Japan.
Statistics show that in the first half, car engines imported 303,300 units, down 17.27%, imports amounted to $ 803 million, down 23.13%, stand-alone prices have shown a downward trend, which 1L to 3L gasoline imported 293,700 units, down 16.62 %; auto parts, accessories and vehicle imports amounted to $ 13.469 billion, down 9.71%; automobile, motorcycle tire imports amounted to $ 288 million, down 18.25 percent, of which imports amounted car tires reached 17.78 percent decline, to $ 287.5 million ; other auto-related merchandise imports amounted to $ 1.413 billion, an increase of 0.26%.
Automotive parts, accessories and body classification of products, in addition to electronically controlled fuel injection device, the amount of imports to achieve a seat belt 534.22%, respectively, 5.62% growth outside, airbags, transmission, drive bridges the amount of imports were down more than one percent, body, shock absorber imports amounted to $ 014.4 million, $ 384.8 million, a relatively small decline.
The key components are still dependent on foreign
All along, China's automobile industry some key raw materials, components and other high-end equipment and rely heavily on imports. Although the core components of domestic enterprises in research and development, technical reserves, the production process to achieve a breakthrough, but in the coming period, a number of key auto parts still need to be imported.
In the first half, electronically controlled fuel injection devices and related parts imports 534.22 percent year on year increase somewhat unexpected. 1 to 6 months, electronically controlled fuel injection device imported 93,545 units, about $ 1.59 million. Electronically controlled fuel injection device is a car to improve fuel emission standards indispensable means, especially in the domestic diesel emissions escalating environment, is not only related to research and development efforts to increase its own brand, the Chinese localization of foreign-funded enterprises to increase production capacity, imports of high-end demand for products and key parts showing explosive growth.
In addition, the engine turbocharger as small cars with an important component of imports amounted to $ 120 million, an increase of 25.86%. With small-displacement turbocharged engine has a major development trend of the domestic automobile market, and this industry is still firmly in control of foreign, independent brand technology, product quality and production capacity has yet to be a breakthrough.
In the first half of this year, China's auto transmission related parts imports amounted to 4.9241 billion US dollars, down 13.06 percent, of which, cars with automatic shift transmission and parts imports $ 3.383 billion; exports of $ 833 million, down 8.22%. Trade deficit continued to shrink compared to the same period last year, mainly due to increased foreign investment in Chinese technology, invest and build factories efforts, Sino-foreign joint transmission project investment increased production capacity gradually released, as well as domestic transmission business and production levels are upstream suppliers upgrade, and huge imports through automatic transmission parts, we can also determine the automatic transmission industry still has a large dependence on foreign capital.


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