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Focused their attention on the international market brand in the world

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    April 30 evening, Dr. Schneider, general manager of auto parts (Liaoyang) Co. JOURNAL OF HUMAN watched the last day of a car air conditioning vent shipped factory zone, began to introduce a gadget to open up a big market. Dr. Schneider is a global auto parts Opel car air conditioning vent suppliers, but also for Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz and other major international brands production of automotive interior products, like the BMW X1 glove box, a modified Mercedes-Benz SUV door trim are from "Liaoyang Manufacturing. "
    Liaoyang city's auto parts industry is actively cultivate, grow up in an emerging industry, from the outset, adhere to high-end line, staring international market, assemble a world-class brands. Just three or four years, Liaoyang auto parts industry will be a meteoric rise, the current above-scale enterprises have more than 36 various types of R & D institutions of 20, of which seven key enterprises total annual output value of more than 2 billion yuan. In the first quarter, Liaoyang auto parts industry output value more than 1.5 billion yuan, an increase of 12%, as following the chemical, steel, industrial aluminum, cement, another pillar industry Liaoyang industrial economic development.
    In the auto parts enterprises Liaoyang intensive economic and technological development zone, Jinxing Automotive Interior Co., Ltd. With technology innovation to become the industry leader. BMW, Fiat, Volkswagen, Hyundai these well-known brands, many models offer vehicle interior by the Jin Xing. The first three months of this year, the output value of the company increased by 50% over last year. Dr. Schneider Automotive Parts (Liaoyang) Co., Ltd. has the world's most advanced automobile parts production equipment 12 sets, the production order contract has signed in 2018. With the two new projects are all Mercedes-Benz interior of production, the company's annual output value will reach 170 million yuan. Fawer Automotive spring Liaoyang, Liaoning, and a number of loyal phase aluminum auto parts companies, automobile production flange, wheels, springs, automatic transmission and other energy-saving products has become the scale, products accounted for a larger share of the domestic market, some products have to enter international market.
    April 30, at LiaoYang Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. production workshop, directing technicians to install four new production lines Suzhong An, general manager, told reporters in advance of the four have been built and are being built in four production lines, is the highest level of domestic production lines with fully automated bearing wear, is Liaozhou "engine", the main products to the United States General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, three high-end car market supply, "eight production lines with an annual output of high-end bearing 5,000,000 units, output will reach 100 million yuan. " It is understood that WBC Liaozhou company plans to reinvest 20 production lines, the Liaozhou fight the country's largest production base for export cars bearing.


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