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Auto electric providers carried out, auto parts and vigorously promote

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Auto electric providers carried out, auto parts and vigorously promote the "electronic commerce", auto parts aftermarket network news, previously, including Delphi, Mahler, Kirin, including a number of auto parts manufacturers in the network as a platform to launch the first genuine auto parts online direct marketing platform. For auto parts "test the water" of e-commerce, the industry gave a high evaluation, in the majority of consumers can not directly make the choice of the market on the basis of direct sales through the network platform to solve this problem would be a good idea. But the auto parts aftermarket network qpqxw I believe that some issues still need to be resolved.
First of all, how to sell? All along, China's auto parts sales channels are divided into two types, one is the 4S shop as the carrier, one is the independent aftermarket sales. In either form, it can not get rid of the vehicle manufacturers for auto parts market control.
Sub-brand, the Japanese manufacturers of parts enterprises more investment, the two sides close relationship; Korean system manufacturers and parts enterprises is a monopoly relationship. In the Chinese market, these manufacturers to limit parts supplier to the automotive after-market sales of individual parts, but also limits the 4S shop purchase accessories from the outside. Internet sales of auto parts only from European and American models start selling range there are significant limitations.
Secondly, to whom? Unlike supplies auto parts, electronic products, there are installation problems. This results in network sales of products focused on simple commodity wipers, film, etc., such as car navigation, parking sensors, spark plugs, oil filters and other common maintenance parts, even if there is supply, too few consumers buy . On the one hand is not going to be installed, on the other hand is worried secretly installed will affect the car's warranty.
It is reported that the online direct marketing platform intends to start from buy, target groups aimed at automotive bodies, automobile with retailers and corporate customers, gradually build a powerful database system later, and with a quick repair shop together, in order to allow more consumer confidence buy online.
Even the sponsors have recognized online direct marketing platform, wants to fully implement B2C model, also we need 4-5 years.
If the auto parts suppliers through direct sales network to expand their sales, the accumulation of brand awareness, increase their strength, help get rid of the car manufacturers control, so that car manufacturers from the dominant position, the two sides become equal status. In addition, if fitting on a network can be clearly marked on the automobile market "mixed fish heads" can also play a deterrent effect, change auto parts "4S shop is too expensive, too fake auto city" phenomenon.
Auto parts aftermarket distribution network together with a summary Edit: Anyway, auto parts, "e-commerce" are doing a good thing for consumers.
Recently auto parts and auto electricity supplier, has become a public hotspot concept note, while many investors also hot topics of common concern.
When the above-described "huge space" encounter is recognized as the industry "future trends" in e-commerce, which can then enjoy the imagination magnified many times. Auto parts aftermarket network partner Xie Jun: the moment, the domestic auto parts industry B2B mode when it is in power.
With the rapid development of China's Internet and mobile Internet, e-commerce will be realized auto parts industry has been recognized as the industry trend, then what is the nature of e-commerce is the auto industry? Which mode auto industry e-commerce in the end choose? Auto parts aftermarket Network Partner Mr. Xie Jun has a unique point of view.
Remove those existing electricity supplier auto mode, auto parts aftermarket network positioning alone was characteristic. Unlike the other B2B, B2C and O2O Mode Auto Parts Network and Auto Mall.
Xie Jun, the essence of e-commerce is auto parts auto parts business electronically, B2B mode should be selected.
B2B mode by electricity suppliers trading platform is auto manufacturers to distributors or dealers for the repair shop. Please note, no matter what combination, which is relatively common owners, the buyer is more understanding of auto products. Because of their understanding of the auto parts, and in the communication process will avoid a lot of problems because of lack of expertise made; based on their understanding of the auto parts, no problem professional data will be weakened.
Company size of the current auto parts industry, is for most small and medium enterprises. They saw e-commerce because of its convenience and low cost marketing. The moment they are mostly thinking of e-commerce in the most cost-effective case to get a wider range of client resources or vendors resources. They no more thought to ponder how 2C, how O2O.
Through analysis, auto parts upstream and midstream circulation, is also typical of B2B model. The nature of the auto parts business e-commerce model is electronic, is under the line mode to migrate to B2B online, so auto parts should be B2B e-commerce model mode.
The author learned together with distribution, auto parts aftermarket network team itself is comprised of auto parts and aftermarket class industry professionals, deeply understand and analyze the internal structure of the industry, China's auto parts place among the e-commerce pioneer, the integration of the flow of the chain of auto parts manufacturers, trade Suppliers and maintenance resources, is a typical B2B platform. To solve the problem of professional auto auto circulation data, auto parts aftermarket network team will latest, most comprehensive vehicle accessories electronic directory subtotals; at the same time, the installation position of each car parts, original number, product name, models, specifications, installation quantity be clearly marked realized quickly find auto products, accurate buy and improve the efficiency of the entire auto circulation; at the same time, auto parts aftermarket auto parts network through the implementation of management software, internal auto parts distribution companies information systems and auto parts aftermarket network (third-party e-commerce platform) to achieve seamless, auto parts distribution companies to achieve business electronically.


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